With our computer & POS billing software the retailing of your goods and products will be improved and very user friendly

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With our Bar-code Labels will able to provide asset & security tracking, theft deterrence, peace of mind, and a demonstrable reduction in loss/liability.

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With our Accounting software will be able to provide a clear cut described calculation in the invoice products, sale products and at all the registries, and records

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Our Price tags will able to withstand cold and moisture and with perfect brand logos, product type, price,etc..

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The Additional Services

A Super Market and other grocery shops has to manage their workers and employees perfectly, which is the backbone of this business. With out a good employee and well teamwork they would not succeed in this business.
So they in the need to maintain their personal information as well as daily activities, this is an optional package along with the software if the customer required on demand will be installed, They includes

  • Departments
  • Jobs
  • vacancy
  • Advertisements
  • Interview process
  • Appointment

  • Attendance
  • Pay Addition
  • Pay Deduction
  • Pay Slip
  • Pay Roll
  • Retirement

All Business Supporting Software and Billing management

Commission Agent
Medical Shop
Distributed Management
Finance Software
Cable Management
Packing Materials
Earth Movers Management
Hospital Management

Schools Management
Library Management
Sports Management
Gym Software
Hostel Management
Lodge Management
Retails Shop
All Software Managements are Available…


Our service beneficiars are very happy and the our service supported business sectors are

  • Restaurants
  • Ice Cream Parlour
  • Food stalls
  • Grocery Stores
  • Sweet Shops
  • Bakeries
  • Fruits and Vegetables

      • Gift Shop
      • Footwear Shops
      • Garments Shop
      • Entry Tickets
      • Temples
      • Petrol Bunk
      • Beauty Parlour